Voice of the Middle Ground Fall Conference

August 6-8, 2021

Phoenix, Arizona

(distance option also available)


“For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive in the Spirit.”



1 Peter 3:18

We hope you will join us either in-person or online for our workshops, breakout sessions, Vizio Groups and more!

Location and times (in the Phoenix Metro area) TBD.

Workshops & Breakout Sessions Topics Include:

Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs

Led by Dr. Terry Schultz

Telling Your Story: How the Message of the Cross Applies Directly to Your Hurts

Led by Jason Jonker

How to Help Those Who Are Going Through the Criminal Justice System

Led by Christina Crabtree

Social Media: The Next Frontier

Led by Pastor Chris Johnson and Ruth Jefferson

Women Warriors: How Women Can Actively Take Part in Helping to Bring About Godly Change in the Church and in Communities

Led by Sarah Kern

Ministering with Love: How Can Those at the Forefront of Proclaiming the Gospel to Others Do So in a Loving and Active Way

Led by Pastor Kirk Massey


(more bios coming soon!)

Ruth Jefferson is from Arizona by way of Texas. While she was in Texas, she studied at the University of Texas at Arlington where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies. It was during this experience at UT-Arlington where she first got a taste of what it was like to work in the area of Christian ministry in a diverse community and also where she gained her first experience with working with nonprofits to help them meet their internal and external communication needs. She now serves as the Founding Director of Voice of the Middle Ground and as Communications Director of CrossWalk Church in Phoenix’s Midtown campus. In her free time, Ruth enjoys singing and writing music, experimenting in the kitchen, and is a lifelong learner.

Ruth Jefferson

Dr. Terry Louis Schultz serves as Artistic Development Missionary for Multi Language Productions of WELS World Missions.

Terry and his wife Mary lived in Peru doing mission work for 15 years. Terry’s efforts included work in the Peruvian Amazon jungle with the indigenous tribal group, the Shawi. Mary directed a women’s prison ministry in Lima. Terry and Mary then moved to the Dominican Republic, where they home based in Santo Domingo for 6 years while carrying out mission work in Haiti.

They now reside in Chicago, where Mary is involved in urban photography. As artistic development missionary, Terry works as an Ethnomusicologist, encouraging the development of culturally appropriate worship music in our WELS mission fields. He is currently working on worship music projects in Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Apacheland. Terry also works in the development of culturally appropriate visual educational resources for teaching Christian doctrine in low-literacy cultures throughout the world.

Dr. Terry Louis Schultz

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