Sponsor an Episode

Your gift of $132 or more enables you to sponsor an episode of one of Voice of the Middle Ground’s live stream / podcast episodes.
This includes the cost of production, getting the word out about the episode, and the creation of supporting content for the individual episode.

A gift of $2,952 will sponsor
one year of episodes
of one live stream / podcast.

Sponsor Website Management

$150 or more sponsors 1 month of website maintenance
and helps us to keep the website up and running
with fresh content for you on a regular basis.

Your gift of $1800 will sponsor 1 year
of website maintenance
for the Voice of the Middle Ground website.

Rev. 7 Conference sponsorship

  • When you pay it forward with a gift of
    $85, you’ll sponsor one person’s attendance of
    the Rev 7 2022 Conference.

Your gift of $1699 will help to pay
for travel and lodging for one speaker for
the Rev 7 2022 Conference.