The Christian’s Response to Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory is a hot button topic these days. But what exactly is it? And how does our faith as Christians inform our response to it?

We explored that topic in our December Juice Bar with speakers Ruth Jefferson (founder of Voice of the Middle Ground), Pastor Aaron Robinson (pastor of Fairview Lutheran Church) and Pastor Phil Merten (chaplain of Institutional Ministries).

Here are a few highlights you won’t want to miss…

07:15: Speakers share their first time encountering the term Critical Race Theory (CRT)

09:52: A working definition of Critical Race Theory

18:40: A look at racism in the church historically and in the present day

27:55: Talking about racism as part of original sin

29:45: Caution about labeling someone a “Critical Race Theorist”

36:08: Using Christian discernment to understand elements of CRT – things that are good and things that are problematic

42:10: The importance of understanding issues that don’t necessarily affect us personally

43:30: Understanding the issues CRT attempts to address and how the gospel and grace make up for its shortcomings

53:50: Analyzing police brutality from a Christian perspective

01:02:08: Disrupting racism vs. simply not being racist

01:07:30: When it comes to recent history in America and the entirety of history throughout the world – how is CRT inaccurate?

01:09:48: Diversifying church leadership

01:14:10: Fighting against ongoing temptation of racism and other sins

01:21:40: What can the church do?

We hope you can join us for the next Juice Bar on February 22nd! We’ll be discussing addiction and PTSD in officers and first responders.