Hey there, Voice of the Middle Ground Fam! We are so excited to let you know that we’ll be coming back to the Twin Cities area, starting June 12th. We want to tell you a bit about the events that are coming up during this time of June 12 – 20. But first, let’s talk about how we want to work with each of you, the members of our Voice of the Middle Ground Fam while we’re there. 

Can I change the tone of this convo for a second? The past-almost-two-years have been difficult for all of us in different ways. And, as we’ve experienced these difficulties, there have been others that we’ve witnessed, that have been the catalyst for a lot of us to get us talking about topics related to diversity and how we can really go about affirming and embracing diversity in our churches and in our world. Honestly, as we see what’s happening in the news and as we come face to face with people who are hurting because of things they’ve experienced (or even if we ourselves have experienced pain) we wonder how we can move forward together. We’re still asking these questions. Aren’t we? 

Whether you yourself are hurting or you want to know more about how to help those who are hurting, these questions are really what we want to speak to during our time in the Twin Cities area. How? Well, a big part of that involves creating spaces where people can be heard, where we can come together and really hear each other out, even the deepest and darkest parts of this pain, so that the gospel can speak to these pains and bring healing — so we can move forward together. 

And we know, that’s probably a lot to digest. You may even be wondering: What can I do to be a part of this effort? Well, take a minute. And we’ll pick this up in the next paragraph. 

Ok. Now, here’s the great news: there are a lot of ways you can get involved. First and foremost, please keep us in your prayers. We really believe that, if there’s going to be any success in what we’re doing during this time, it’s only God that’s really going to make things happen. Second, even if you’re not in the Twin Cities area or even in Minnesota (or even if you are), you can also always help by giving. Voice of the Middle Ground is a 501(c)3 ministry. What that means is that our funding comes from people like you who give and become financial partners with us in this ministry. Also, if you are in the Twin Cities area, there are a number of ways that you can volunteer. To find out more about these opportunities, e-mail us at voice@cwlk.church. 

Registration (not required but helpful for printing materials & providing snacks):

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Note: Our Founding Director will also be keeping office hours at Pilgrim Lutheran Church if you wish to meet with her. Please e-mail voice@cwlk.church to set up a meeting time.



6 PM

Town Hall

(Specifically for parents and educators)
The Journey School|775 Lexington Pkwy N., St. Paul, MN 55104 




5 PM

Teacher Workshop 5 pm

The Journey School




7 PM

Community Town Hall

Pilgrim Lutheran Church | 3901 1st Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55409






3 PM

Open Air Music and Community Hangout

Pilgrim Lutheran Church



9:30 AM

Gospel Style Service

Pilgrim Lutheran Church , MN 5540

3N 55409




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