The Voice (February 2021 edition)

Picture of Voice of the Middle Ground founder, Ruth Jefferson

Voice of the Middle Ground: The Road Between Reality and Possibility

  By: Melissa Brander

Have you ever wondered how Voice of the Middle Ground got its start? Today, you are invited to meet Ruth Jefferson, the founder of Voice of the Middle Ground.

Voice of the Middle Ground started with Ruth’s reaction to the murder of George Floyd. She was feeling a lot of very negative emotions. Like many Black Americans, she was hurting deeply. But she didn’t stay there in her hurt.

“Ultimately,” Ruth says. “I decided I had to do something with it or I would be stuck in that place and I started Voice of the Middle Ground.”

Voice of the Middle Ground has been around now for 8 months and in that time, it has resulted in the creation of weekly devotions, monthly Juice Bars where important topics can be discussed, a conference, and an upcoming Bible study! The hope is that you have been strengthened and encouraged by these resources. They have certainly been helpful to Ruth – but beyond that, she says another big blessing of working on Voice of the Middle Ground has been working with and meeting new people.

“I really value those relationships,” she says.

Sometimes the work pushes Ruth out of her comfort zone – she finds Juice Bars terrifying because she prefers to work behind the scenes. However, the payoff is worth it.

From Conversation to Action

“The more we have these conversations with people and the more that people are encouraged to ask questions and to have their own conversations,” Ruth says. “the more likely it is that the changes we are looking for will take place.”

As she looks to the future, Ruth has a lot of big hopes and dreams for Voice of the Middle Ground.

“I hope that it sparks more conversations and more than just that, that it sparks more action. So that when people think about the type of issues we’re addressing, it’s not just talk,” Ruth says. “but that it can actually help to change things and also to point people to Jesus so that they can ultimately know that hope. Because at the end of the day, the only thing that’s going to bring the kind of changes that we’re talking about, that we’re working to, is when people’s hearts and minds are open to the gospel and that becomes the guiding light.”

Thank You!

To our readers, everyone at Voice of the Middle Ground is so happy to have you as part of our Voice of the Middle Ground Community. If you want to get more involved, there will be a volunteer orientation on April 15th and another conference coming up in August in Arizona. These opportunities will help prepare you to go out and have these conversations with people.

Are you nervous about those conversations or feel like you will meet resistance? Ruth shares some advice about talking to people about Voice of the Middle Ground; “I think ultimately it comes down to having a conversation and seeing where they are coming from and showing them where we’re coming from. There are always going to be some people who don’t like it and in those cases, it’s up to God to show them.”

Ruth appreciates all the ways that you have shown support and encourages you all to include the ministry in your prayers.

Reader’s Choice Edition

We really do love hearing from you! That’s why, in our May edition, we want you to help us call the shots. What do you want to see and hear us talk about in our April Juice Bar? What main story do you want to read about in May’s newsletter? We’ll still be keeping the heart of our mission at the focus. But this time around? You’ll get to help us do that. So, comment below and let us know your thoughts by March 26th at 12 PM. Or, e-mail us at by the same date and time.

Volunteer Orientation

Want to be part of the team that works behind the scenes to help make things happen at Voice of the Middle Ground? See this month’s edition of The (Voice) or check us out on Facebook to find out how you can register.

Save the Date

Alright, you caught us! We couldn’t wait to connect again with the rest of you, our
Voice of the Middle Ground family. Because of this, we’re bringing to you our next conference coming up this August 6th-8th in Phoenix, Arizona. Join us for more
tools to help you be salt and light in times of ethnic tension and to share the gospel
with those who are hurting. Stay tuned to find out how you can register.



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